Reimer globe met wooden base, 1939

Diameter: 32 cm

Total height: 43 cm

Age: 1939


Description: The globe shows in great detail all the railroads, shipping routes, telegraph lines, warm and cold currents, international flight lines and international dateline, magnetic poles. It shows the borders of drift ice. The countries are beautifully coloured and outlined.


Literature: Globes are not usually dated, the exception being those produced during the Second World War, which were updated to show the expansion of the Reich. The present example shows Sudetenland, Austria and Pommern as part of the DEUTCHES REICH. It is also interesting to note the construction of the globe: the half meridian ring is made from wood, symptomatic of the production methods to suit the scarcities of a wartime economy (Christie’s Globes and Planetaria, 24 June 1998)


Condition: This is a beautiful globe in a good condition.


Cartouche: Dietrich Reimers Erdglobus, herausgegeben von dem Kartogr. Institut der Verlagshandlung (Andrews u. Steiner) Berlin, 1939


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