Torica Transparent Astro Globe (model CA 101) 1960

Rare Torica astro globe in good condition with manual (copy). This large Torica is a rare globe. The globe measures 60 centimetres high, diameter globe: 34 cm. 

This astro globe has a transparent plastic celestial sphere for clear understanding of astronomical phenomena in a realistic three-dimensional setting, as true nature as a planetarium. This astro globe displays the conditions of motion of fixed stars, planets, the sun and the moon, relative to the earth, presenting detailed information as time passes. 

The Torica globes came in two sizes, a 13 3/8 inch (model no. CA 101) and a smaller, globe (model no. CS 103).  The instructions tell you how to use the globe. The globe is called the "Torica Astro Globe" or "Torica's Transparent Astroglobe".  They were made in Japan during the 1960s.  They are no longer being made. 

The Lafayette Radio Corp. of New York marketed a "New Lafayette Transparent Celestial Globe" that looks almost exactly like the larger Torica.  The instruction booklet for the Lafayette globe is very similar in content and presentation to the booklet for the Torica.  The instruction booklet for the Lafayette globe acknowledges the help of two Japanese astronomers from the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory for help in designing the globe.  

According to the manual the astro globe is:

  • To explain the astronomy and the space;
  • To help understand about the sun, sunrise, sunset, moon, stars and constellations;
  • To use as a star finder at any time and anywhere;
  • A deluxe and interesting room accessory.

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